If you are losing your teeth, dentures can help. Dentures are removable, natural-looking replacement teeth that are esthetically pleasing. They can help correct pronunciation and chewing problems caused by missing teeth, as well as add support to facial muscles and prevent remaining teeth from shifting. There are many types of dentures, including full dentures, which replace all upper or all lower teeth, and partial dentures, which replace individual missing teeth. If you are suffering from problems associated with lost teeth, there is help. Contact Dr. Donald Lapine at the Cosmetic and Wellness Center of New Jersey today.

Full Dentures

Full, or complete dentures are used when there are no remaining teeth in the mouth. Although there are essentially two types of full dentures, conventional and immediate, only immediate dentures can be placed in the mouth as soon as teeth are removed. Although this may seem advantageous to some patients, these economy dentures don’t compensate for the healing processes of tooth loss in the form of gum shrinkage.

Partials are used when there are healthy teeth remaining and the patient wants to compensate for the missing teeth. A partial denture or bridge is connected by healthy teeth by attaching the restoration to the healthy teeth in the upper or lower jaw. A partial denture will fill the spaces left by missing teeth as well as allow the wearer to chew and speak better in addition to providing support for the face. It also prevents the remaining teeth from shifting out of position.

Alternatives to Dentures

Modern dentistry such as that employed by the dentists at the Cosmetic & Wellness Center of New Jersey often recommends dental implants in lieu of dentures for their patients with missing teeth. Although more expensive, dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss and can work to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically “implanted” into your jawbones with titanium posts that are then finished by attaching a dental crown. These treatments have many advantages over dentures in that they look and act more natural and serve to combat the natural deterioration of the jawbone that dentures do not. Often patients with dentures experience a sagging facial appearance as a result of dentures that do not support the neuromuscular aspects of their mouth.

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