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What are the best Teeth Whitening treatments?

Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to brightening their smiles and often wonder what the best treatment for their teeth is. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment and our practice specializes in teeth whitening in New Jersey. The more powerful whitening agents must be administered by trained professionals which is why the FDA does not approve most of the over-the-counter whiteners on the marker today. Used incorrectly, OTC tooth whiteners can harm gums, result in uneven whitening, and yield poor results thus wasting time and money. Regardless of what choice you make as a consumer to whiten your teeth in New Jersey, you should know the results of whitening and the length of the treatment to help you determine what is right for you.

Teeth Whitening Results VS Length of Treatment

There are three categories of teeth whitening including:

  • In-office whitening such as Zoom Whitening
  • Professional prescribed take home whitening kits
  • Over-the-counter whitening such as tooth pastes, strips, rinses, etc.

Over-The-Counter– OTC products are known for their affordability yet also known for taking the longest time and yielding the least results. These products can take months to work and only whiten teeth a few shades.

Take-Home Kits– Take home kits prescribed by your dentist are molded to fit your teeth and are worn either during the day or night. These kits are extremely effective at whitening teeth and are considered safe. While costing more than OTC products, they work much quicker which is why there price point is in between that of OTC whitening products and the best whitener, in-office whitening.

In-Office Whitening– Our practice utilizes Zoom Whitening because it offers patients the best whitening results with the shortest treatment times. Zoom Whitening can brighten teeth up to seven or more shades and can be completed in about an hour.

The Cosmetic & Wellness Center of New Jersey offers in-office and take-home whitening kits so that our patients can benefit from the convenience of whitening at home or more quickly in our office. To learn more about teeth whitening in New Jersey contact us today.