Visiting your dentist regularly is more about preventative exams, rather than holding expectations and fears of drilling and filling. This helps you because your dentist is able to make an early diagnosis of any potential problems and is able these days, with the use of modern technology, to deal with most issues with much simpler treatments.

Your Bayonne dentist will be better able to work to help you preserve your oral health proactively. He or she can assess your overall levels of oral hygiene as well as your general mouth health. Where your dentist is able to use preventative exams to deal with diseases before they become extremely painful and perhaps, severe; they will also be able to prevent later options of expensive procedures and dental treatments.

What Happens During Preventative Exams?


During your first visit, your Bayonne dentist will be examining your teeth and your mouth to gain an overall early evaluation of their general health. By taking an x-ray, they will be able to see the current health of your teeth below the surface.  Today, some NJ dentists use digital x-rays, which is offer less radiation, too. A physical examination will provide an initial oral cancer screening and an appraisal of the quality of your gums, too.

Your dentist will also examine your teeth for any current decay while checking the quality and existing condition of any previous work on your teeth.

Cleaning Your Teeth is Vitally Important

Apart from examining your teeth regularly, your dentist or hygienist will also focus on cleaning your teeth so that they can ensure that any hardened tartar, which remains attached to your teeth, is removed. Plaque will also be removed from your teeth to ensure that poisonous toxins are unable to inflame your gums.

Some stains that build up over the course of time, like coffee, tea, cigarettes and cola drinks will be removed during this standard process. And if you’re interested in extensive cosmetic teeth whitening, you can review your options, too.

Your dentist will also use this time as an opportunity to polish your teeth. This helps remove stains and plaque that hasn’t already been removed sufficiently during your own regular tooth brushing.

Your dentist will provide an assessment as to the quality of your own daily teeth cleaning. They will be able to explain how you can control the formation of both plaque and tartar. In particular, they will show you if you have any difficult to reach areas which you need to pay particular attention to.

One area where preventative exams can prove beneficial is where the dentist is able to place a very thin plastic coating on the chewing surface of your molars, premolars and other teeth that might attract future difficulties. The sealants protect your teeth by eradicating areas where food can be difficult to remove. These are the areas that the majority of dental decay first shows their signs and if your appointments with the dentist are more than six months apart, the decay may have set in and need eradication. The sealants will help protect you between regular preventative exams, too.

If you are looking for a new dentist for preventative or for needed oral care, our Bayonne area clinic would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.