Cut and Paste

Is It Possible to Cut and Paste a Smile?

For many patients it makes sense to bring in a picture of their favorite celebrity and tell Drs. Lapine and Vocaturo to emulate that for their smile design. Although it is ok for patients to admire beautiful smiles and look at them as pictures of what could be, “cutting and pasting” a smile is not necessarily the most ideal way for a patient to get a smile that fits their face.

When we say “cut and paste” we are referring to the act of attempting to produce the same smile of a celebrity (or anyone else) and produce those results on a patient’s face. Smile design is a very individualized process and one that is done based on the characteristics of a person’s unique features. At the Cosmetic & Wellness Center of New Jersey, we determine the possibilities of a patients smile and blend them into what will be the most natural look possible. By considering the lips, mouth, gums, nose, eyes, hair color, hair style, facial features and even a patient’s profession, we design a smile that works with what features a person has.

The reason we do this is because your features and the smile have to complement each other to get a look that matches who you are. Essentially we are getting the frame (your face) and deciding what picture would go best in it with your input and goals.

The patient, of course, will be very involved in this process and will be able to see what their smile will look like before it is permanent. Through the use of temporaries we are able to showcase what a smile makeover can look like and what a person can expect if they get a smile designed by our expert dentists. To learn more about how a smile design works contact our office for a consultation today.