Those who are unsatisfied with discolored, damaged or unattractive teeth may be interested in learning about veneers. These custom-designed dental pieces are bonded to the teeth to provide as smooth and strong surface that looks great. Most people who are generally dissatisfied with the look of their teeth and are looking for a complete smile makeover will agree that this is a excellent option to consider. On the other hand, even those who just have one or two teeth that are problematic find this to be a relatively simple and natural-looking solution.

The process of getting veneers starts with a visit to see your cosmetic dentist. At this appointment, your mouth will be thoroughly examined to ensure this procedure would be a good fit for you. Your dentist may take x-rays at this time as well. This appointment gives you an opportunity to discuss what you do and don’t like about your mouth and what you’d like to achieve by going through this dental process.

At your second appointment, your mouth will undergo preparation. Your dentist will remove a very thin layer of enamel from the targeted teeth. You may receive a local anesthetic if that’s your preference. After removing less than one millimeter from the surface area, your dentist will make an impression of each tooth. Those impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory, where custom-made veneers are created.

Finally, at your third appointment, they will be permanently bonded to your teeth. Your dentist will hand-trim the veneers as needed to ensure a smooth, comfortable fit, using specialized bonding materials, a light beam, and other advanced dental equipment.

Veneers are so popular today because of the ease and natural look each person gains. Your smile can be completely transformed in an extremely short time with little to no pain or discomfort. If you are looking for fast and effective results consider veneers!