There are a number of myths surrounding cosmetic dentistry, including everything from the costs associated with it to the benefits. From bettering your smile to improving your oral health and enhancing the structural integrity of your teeth, it’s all possible thanks to the innovative and flexible techniques that fall within this category of dental care. Here are five of the most common myths that you may be misinformed about:

1) It’s all about looking good.

While cosmetic dentistry can certainly help you gain a more attractive smile, vanity is far from the only reason to pursue it. Other benefits include smoother teeth and better functionality, strengthened enamel, and gum preservation. Furthermore, serious oral health issues like sickly gums or broken teeth can lead to infection and should be addressed immediately.

2) It’s incredibly expensive.

Constant development of new, advanced, and more cost-effective procedures makes cosmetic dentistry a viable option for more patients than ever before. Furthermore, financing options, such as making low monthly payments, add to the overall affordability.

3) All dentists receive the same training.

While all dentists are trained in the basics of oral health, not all are trained to perform advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dentists who are committed to this sector of the field pursue the additional education necessary after having successfully completed a DDS degree.

4) The results don’t look natural.

To the contrary – when done in a professional setting by an experienced team, the results should look incredible! Veneers, crowns, and prosthetics are sized to fit naturally with the shape and size of your mouth and face overall, so it will look like you naturally have a perfect smile!