Dental crown restorations

Dental Crowns Restorations and Implants

There are essentially two uses of a dental crown: one is for restoring a damaged tooth and the other is for a tooth-like restoration that is created to be placed on top of a dental implant. Drs. Lapine and Vocaturo make custom dental crowns by hand before sending them off to a dental lab so that they can determine how they will look in relationship to the rest of your mouth and overall appearance. Many dentists have the lab send them what they think is best for the patient but have never actually worked with the patient and understand the aesthetic benefits it presents in addition to the health benefits.

Dental crowns that are used to restore damaged teeth include teeth that are cracked, have excess decay and have been drilled down or are used to replace existing crowns. Dental crowns are usually considered when a tooth requires a significant restoration and cannot benefit from more simple restorations such as dental bonding, veneers or inlays or onlays. They are also often used for patients who have undergone root canal procedures and have had excessive amounts of their dental tissue removed to eliminate unhealthy tooth structure.

Dental crowns for dental implants are designed similarly to dental crowns for tooth restoration except they are replacing the entire tooth rather than restoring an existing tooth. They also differ in that they sit on top of the abutment of the implant. These crowns must customized so that they look, feel, and respond like natural teeth and sustain the impacts of every day wear and tear as well as diet.

The dental crowns provided by the Cosmetic & Wellness Center of New Jersey are designed to look like your original teeth. They require the same care as natural teeth with every day brushing and flossing and require the same measures that are taken to prevent the teeth from accumulating plaque and the onset of gum disease.

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