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Dental Bonding


Choosing a Bayonne Dental Bonding Specialist

Dental bonding is something that requires skill, much like artistry. There are great artists and there are artists that aren’t as skilled and talented. A cosmetic dentist in Bayonne who offers dental bonding services can help you significantly improve the look of your smile — provided they have top skills and plenty of experience in the field of dental bonding.

An Overview of Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding […]

Need A Cosmetic Dentist? Bayonne, NJ Delivers State of the Art Options

The Cosmetic and Wellness Center of New Jersey does not simply offer cosmetic dentistry. They offer a full body experience, not only providing excellent dental work but also services that relax the body and revitalize the mind. With state of the art techniques and advanced technology, it is no wonder that top television personalities, models, actors and beauty pageant winners trust all of their oral […]

New York City’s Ban On Sugary Beverages Applauded by the ADA

In a somewhat controversial move the New York City Board of Health enacted a ban of large-sized sugary drinks. The American Dental Association’s (ADAs) President William Calnon made a statement thanking Mayor Bloomberg from bringing attention to the issue that “Frequent and excessive consumption of soda and other sugary beverages raises the risk of adverse health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.” While […]

Dental Crowns Restorations and Implants in Bayonne, NJ

There are essentially two uses of a dental crown: one is for restoring a damaged tooth and the other is for a tooth-like restoration that is created to be placed on top of a dental implant. Drs. Lapine and Vocaturo make custom dental crowns by hand before sending them off to a dental lab so that they can determine how they will look in relationship […]

Advantages of Dental Bonding and Tooth-Colored Fillings

At the Cosmetic & Wellness Center of NJ we utilize dental bonding with tooth-colored materials that are matched to the natural color of your teeth. We can use dental bonding for cosmetic purposes as well as to restore teeth that have experienced damage or cavities. Modern cosmetic dentistry treatments have seen dental bonding used to do the following:

Close spaces between the teeth
Make teeth look longer
Brighten […]