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Need A Cosmetic Dentist? Bayonne, NJ Delivers State of the Art Options

The Cosmetic and Wellness Center of New Jersey does not simply offer cosmetic dentistry. They offer a full body experience, not only providing excellent dental work but also services that relax the body and revitalize the mind. With state of the art techniques and advanced technology, it is no wonder that top television personalities, models, actors and beauty pageant winners trust all of their oral […]

New York City’s Ban On Sugary Beverages Applauded by the ADA

In a somewhat controversial move the New York City Board of Health enacted a ban of large-sized sugary drinks. The American Dental Association’s (ADAs) President William Calnon made a statement thanking Mayor Bloomberg from bringing attention to the issue that “Frequent and excessive consumption of soda and other sugary beverages raises the risk of adverse health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.” While […]

Women’s Hormonal Changes Linked to Gum Disease

A recent review of women’s health studies has shown a link between women’s health issues and gum disease. Hormonal changes that women naturally go through such as puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause have been shown to fluctuate women’s hormones so much so that they can change conditions in the mouth and allow bacteria to grow, enter the bloodstream, and intensify certain health issues such as […]

Veteran in Need of Dental Care Sought by NJ Dentists for A Soldier’s Smile Charity

Restorative dentists Anthony Vocaturo and Donald Lapine are actively seeking a U.S. veteran who is in need of advanced dental treatments as part of their affiliation with the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE) “A Soldier’s Smile” charity. The charity is being presented by ACE with the help of marketing agency Results, Production & Marketing (RPM) and celebrity Montel Williams. Together the dentists, marketing agency and […]

Cosmetic and Wellness Center of New Jersey Dentists Featured on NJ Top Docs

Recent Press Release:

Drs. Anthony Vocaturo and Donald Lapine were recently featured in a profile page on the NJTopDocs.com website for their outstanding dental care and patient satisfaction. NJ Top Docs is a comprehensive information resource site for top doctors, dentists and hospitals in the New Jersey area. The site prides itself on allowing patients to “meet” healthcare providers online before making an appointment to see […]

New Jersey Dentists Provide Gentle Dentistry Through Lasers

Drs. Vocaturo and Lapine are committed to using the most modern dental technology that affords their patients exceptional care. The use of dental lasers improves the dentist’s control over output and avoids the use of needles resulting in improved patient comfort. This makes laser dentistry ideal for patients who are anxious when having dental work performed and are seeking the upmost in safety and comfort.

Dental […]

Top NJ Cosmetic Dentists

Are you looking for a quality NJ cosmetic dentist? At the Cosmetic & Wellness Center of New Jersey you get two- Drs. Donald Lapine and Anthony Vocaturo. More than just oral health professionals, Drs. Lapine and Vocaturo have been changing the way people smile for decades. It is no wonder they see the likes of models, rock stars, Miss USA beauty queens and celebrities walk […]

Is It Possible to Cut and Paste a Smile?

For many patients it makes sense to bring in a picture of their favorite celebrity and tell Drs. Lapine and Vocaturo to emulate that for their smile design. Although it is ok for patients to admire beautiful smiles and look at them as pictures of what could be, “cutting and pasting” a smile is not necessarily the most ideal way for a patient to get […]

New Jersey Dentists Answer: What Are the Best Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to brightening their smiles and often wonder what the best treatment for their teeth is. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment and our practice specializes in teeth whitening in New Jersey. The more powerful whitening agents must be administered by trained professionals which is why the FDA does not approve most of the […]

Dental Crowns Restorations and Implants in Bayonne, NJ

There are essentially two uses of a dental crown: one is for restoring a damaged tooth and the other is for a tooth-like restoration that is created to be placed on top of a dental implant. Drs. Lapine and Vocaturo make custom dental crowns by hand before sending them off to a dental lab so that they can determine how they will look in relationship […]